•   M15

    A very effective, inexpensive and easy to use touch-key automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser.

  •  M25

    The most effective automatic engine immobiliser to prevent vehicle theft. This simple to use, proximity transponder security system immobilises THREE of your engines circuits - starter, fuel and ignition.

  •   MX40

    This remote controlled automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser is designed to deter theft by preventing the starting and running of your vehicle. You can optionally add a siren and a sensor to provide basic alarm functions which qualifies for a 4 Star rating.

  •   M60i

    NEW 2009 model. This automatic dual immobiliser is operated by remote control, 2 supplied, and also provides 'keyless entry' of a vehicle central locking. Can be upgraded to any of the 4 or 5 Star M60 models at any time.

  •   M80i

    The M80i is a fully featured automatic TRIPLE immobiliser operated by remote control (2 supplied). Can be upgraded to any of the 4 or 5 Star M80 models at any time.