TRAX 430

4.3" Car Navigation System with Spoken Street Names (TTS)

                                                        Our Price  $335.00

The New Uniden TRAX 430 combines the latest in GPS technology and software. Designed by Uniden’s experienced team of engineers. Imagine driving from A to B in 360°, well that is a reality of this innovative feature of the Uniden TRAX 430 allowing you to view Famous Landmark in 3D such as the Sky Tower. View the landmark from any angle or fly around it in 360°. Like never before on a portable GPS navigation system while driving along a road it is now possible to see road elevations and land contours including road overpasses and bridges on the Uniden TRAX series.

Designed and engineered exclusively by Uniden, the TRAX Series include Text to Speech with Spoken Street Names, which enhances audible directions and makes finding a location even simpler. With an early warning system with built in nationwide coverage of fixed speed and red-light cameras and an over speed alert makes the TRAX 430 a great safety tool to have as your companion in the car.

The screen is super bright, removing glare for crystal clear viewing. It also switches automatically to night mode for easy, glare-free viewing after dark. For drivers who travel to more than one location in a day, multipoint route planning allows for multiple destinations to be programmed in advance. This allows drivers to go from one map to the next, taking the fastest and most direct route. Predictive keyboard text also reduces the destination search time and if drivers make a wrong turn in a pre-programmed destination, the system will recalculate directions immediately.

When it comes to portable GPS car navigation systems the Uniden TRAX series is in a class of its own. It makes your trips safer and faster while giving you peace of mind that you will reach your destination on time, every time.

Suggested Retail: $349.99

Key Features
High Definition 4.3" Non-Reflective LCD Display for Crystal Clear Viewing
360° 3D Landmarks
3D Terrain

Spoken Street Names (TTS)
Multi Destination / Route Planning
Simple Mode / Advanced Mode
Touch Screen
Lane Indicator
Easy Plug & Go
Multi Languages
Up to 600,000 Points of Interest
Red Light Camera
Fixed Speed Camera
Over Speed Alert
Predictive Keyboard
Auto Route Recalculation
Turn by Turn Instructions
Global Mapping Available
Additional Features:
Pixels: 272" X 480"
Battery Life: 3 Hours
Operating System: Win CE 5.0 Core
GPS Receiver Type: Nemerix
Processor Speed: 400MHz
Dimensions: 128mm (W) X 79mm (H) X 23mm (D)
Weight: 214g
TRAX 430 Contents:
- 1X TRAX 430
- 1X Glass Mount Bracket
- 1X Cigarette Lead Power Cord